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Nit-picky details.

Global Options

If you want tweak some less common Wordsalad options, you need to go in the Settings View by tapping on the Settings action in the bottom toolbar. You will be able to change the options related to Page Orientation, Shape, Words, Filter and Sorting.

In the Page Orientation section, you'll be able to change orientation of your word cloud.

In the Shape section, you'll be able to change the overall shape of your word cloud: Rectangular and Oval.

In the Words section you simply define the maximum number of words that can be included in your word cloud: the higher the number, the denser your word cloud will be.

The Filter section contains different settings that you can use to exclude some kind of words from your word cloud. For instance, you can exclude numbers and stop words: stops words are commonly used words like articles, prepositions and conjunction that can be skipped to improve the quality of the generated word cloud.

The Sorting section contains two options that you can use to tweak the way Wordsalad decides what word make bigger first. When sorting by frequency, the more a word is present in the text, the bigger it will be. When sorting by text position, the first words of the text will be bigger than the last ones.