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Some common questions about Wordsalad.

How can I change the wordcloud background color?

You need to open the Palette Editor and click the background on the bottom bar where you have the palette items colors.

How can I change a word color?

In order to do this you need to be using iPad and a pointer device. Just hover on a word and do a right click to show a contextual menu with the available colors for that word.

How can I join two words?

You can use the underscore character to join two words. For instance if you want to show the whole word "New York", you need to write in the text editor New_York.

Some words like "Will" are not showing up in my wordcloud

Wordsalad removes stop words like articles, prepositions or others words that do not add a lot of meaning to the wordcloud. In some cases this is not what you want though: in order to force a word to be displayed, you can append the underscore character like this: Will_.

When I export my wordcloud to do print a poster, I do not have enought image resolution and it's pixellated

In order to print a hight resolution image, make sure to export a PDF file as it is vector graphics where you can have unlimited resolution for your prints.